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Progressive Slots are among the most popular online slot machines around. Progressive machines offer huge jackpots. In some cases these jackpots are big enough to be life changing. Get access to some top online casino jackpots where you get first-class entertainment.
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Progressive Slots

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Progressive Slots Strategy

One game that’s really popular at online casinos is the progressive slots. Progressive slots allow people to win a huge jackpot prize with just one spin of the machine. Of course the popularity of online progressive slots should come as no surprise since slots are popular everywhere, which is why it’s strange that so many people misplay them.

They make simple mistakes that greatly lower their chances of winning a progressive casino jackpot. Obviously you don’t want to be in this boat so pay attention to the following progressive slots strategy.

Play the Maximum Coin Amount

If you’re not playing a progressive jackpot machine for the top prize, then you should go find a straight payout machine. That being said, progressive slots machines require the maximum coin amount to win the top jackpot prize so you should never play with less than the full coin amount. Even the smaller progressive jackpot payouts are scaled so you put yourself at a disadvantage by playing less than the full amount.

Play All of the Pay Lines

Another thing that will greatly increase your chances of winning a progressive jackpot is playing all of the pay lines. By using the full amount of pay lines, you give yourself more chances to win the big prize. You also decrease the amount of time needed to win a progressive jackpot since you’re using the maximum amount of chances on each spin.

Look for Low Pay Line Machines

A good way to avoid paying lots of money on each spin is to look for progressive jackpot machines that offer a low amount of pay lines. This tip especially reigns true for people with small bankrolls! As mentioned before, you should always play the maximum amount of paylines. However, you also need to keep your bankroll in mind so finding a progressive jackpot machine that only offers 5 – 10 paylines is a smart move to save money.

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