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Bingo Energize Players

The way in which the Internet has transformed our daily lives is remarkable: the constraints of time and place are rendered invalid, leaving us free to surf cyberspace as the new frontier it has always promised to be. Increasingly widespread broadband access has seen the cultural phenomenon of online gaming rise out of this furnace, a phoenix that promises to carry us onwards through this century and towards the next on a magic carpet of promotions and bonuses that allow us to escape the confines of our imposed reality and play out our fantasies of carefree abandon

Playing for free

Burning brightly amongst this hotbed of creativity is the concept of free bingo. As an idea with a foot in both camps of consumerism and escapism it is perfect – pay nothing, win prizes. Indeed, so successful was the concept in energizing bingo players that providers could have been forgiven for resting on such laurels.

Yet that was not to be. The drive for innovation has bred further pursuit of excellence in promotional terms, with rival sites attempting to outdo each other in bids to attract new players through a host of choice promotions designed to whet the whistle of wayfarers without cause for recompense.

Progressive Bingo Jackpot

Naturally, the cash jackpot is the most favored prize amongst bingo hordes. With single jackpots running into tens of thousands of pounds, it is little wonder. Then came progressive jackpots, which have since become an integral part of this sweeping bingo sensation. Suddenly the figures leapt to resemble lottery winnings, with the highest scoop recorded in the UK standing at a staggering £1.2million.

Earn cash back

Alongside the potential for large winnings, bingo providers threw into the mix the chance to win cash back (varying as a percentage dependent on the site visited) from any losses incurred. Thus a regular player could feasibly lose more than win and still break even. Add to this the reward points that could land players special prizes such as luxury breaks and cruises, cars or sought-after concert tickets, and suddenly it becomes logical to play.


In all, there is much for online bingo to shout about. The game’s vibrancy and vivacity is matched only by that of its starlet players, and by the technological constraints that keep us from getting too carried away. Fortunately, thanks to online bingo and its innovative providers, we can allow ourselves to be carried away just enough.

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